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Alpha the most respected Truck top Canopy maker has added a Gullwing Commercial Work Top to the Alpha Range. The Commercial Trucktop features lift up service hatches, Gullwing doors on both sides of the top enable easy access to tools & equipment.

Alpha Gullwing Truck Top with side window and rear door open

Standard Features

  • Tinted and Toughened e-marked rear tailgate glass
  • High level Brake Light
  • Gloss white standard finish, can be colour coded
  • Roof rails as standard 80kgs load carrying
  • Hydraulic gas rams smooth & effortless operation
  • Secure locks on all three doors with stainless steel hardware
  • Non-drill 6-point patented clamp installation unique to Alpha
  • Patented water discharge design ensure cargo remain dry

As well as their attractive design, the Alpha Gullwing hard top has many practical features. The patented Alpha designed 6-point fitted clamping system means the Alpha hardtop canopy can be fitted without drilling the vehicle and allows for simple installation and removal of the hardtop when required.

Available For The Following Vehicles:

Ford Ranger Logo

Double Cab

2016 On


Toyota Hilux Logo

Double Cab



Isuzu D-Max Logo

Double Cab


Nissan Navara Logo

Double Cab

2010-2015 D40

Volkswagen Amarok Logo

Double Cab

2017 On


Reputation For Quality

Alpha hardtops have a reputation for quality, and continuous engineering development and improvements in design and production processes ensure the end-user excellent service from their Alpha hardtop. Alpha hardtops are sold worldwide and many car manufacturers fit Alpha tops and accessories where high specification and top quality are sought by discerning customers. Replacement glass & spare keys are stocked in the UK.

Alpha Gullwing canopy in wihite with side door open
Alpha Gullwing truck top with side door closed in white
Rear view of Alpha Gullwing Truck Top canopy in white
Side view of the Alpha Gullwing Canopy with tinted glass rear door
Alpha Gullwing Truck Top on a Nissan Navara with side doors and rear door open
Alpha Gullwing Truck Top Canopy with rear door open
Optional Sliding bulkhead window for the Alpha Gullwing canopy

Optional sliding bulkhead window

Alphas 6 point non drill patented clamp system

6 Point non drill patented clamp system

Alpha Gullwing optional solid rear door

Optional Solid Rear Door

Alpha Gullwing truck top canopies


Alpha are a global manufacturer and exporter of pickup canopy tops making hardtops to a European specification and taste.

Industry leaders with in-house GRP pattern and mould making, Alpha are manufacturers of stainless steel and composite components including locks, hinges, strikers and handles as well as aluminium extrusions. Alpha control quality by making most of the critical components in-house rather than outsourcing, or using common or readily available hardware.

Alpha are the only truck top canopy maker to our knowledge, who actually manufacture, cut, temper and etch their own glass, all of which is E-Marked for European use. You are choosing a high end, quality branded product when you choose an Alpha top for your truck.

We GUARANTEE you will not find a better engineered hardtop ANYWHERE.